Donald Trump hacked on GoogleUS Secret Service have been notified of an individual or group of individuals impersonating President Donald J. Trump using Google products. The discovery was made by Sydney Eatz of the Internet Police based out of Toronto and the discovery affects all American Businesses.

Sydney Eatz is an internet security expert who has discovered other national security issues including CSIS(Canada’s spy agencies” agents personal information being compromised using Google Maps and Streetview.

Here are the details of the security flaw. There is a listing impersonating the President of the United States on Google Maps.

Address: The Google Maps listing identifies a listing in Pleasant Valley Iowa as “Donald Trump’s Dungeon”.

Photos: The listing includes photo’s unrelated to the President however uses the misogynist phrase “Girls are temporary”

Reviews: The listing has 11 reviews. The credibility of reviews on Google is in question when in this case allowed fake reviews appear on a fake listing.  3 of the reviews are from the Google program called “Google Local Guides” which gives incentives for leaving reviews. Google does not verify if the reviews are real or fake, leaving business owners having to spend hours of their time trying to remove fake reviews that hurt their businesses.

Phone: The phone number listed is answered by Google Voice. Google is proposing to have a new service which will answer the phone for businesses and screen calls. This listing shows how anyone can impersonate the President of the United States using Google’s free products.

Website: The listing has a working website hosted and the website allows for individuals to book time at “Donald Trumps’ Dungeon”

Implications: If Google security is unable to stop individuals or terrorist organizations from impersonating the President of the United States by using Google’s products, then how can business owners know that their business can be safe from impersonation and/or fake or fraudulent listings on Google Products like Google Maps and Google Voice.

The discovery was made using Sydney 2.0 an artificial intelligence engine that identifies fake content on the internet.


Trump Impersonation.png