The latest product for Google which has not been announced by Google and it’s sister company Sidewalk Labs is the residents and visitors to the State of Illinois.

In September 2017 when Governor Rauner cast a veto on a historic bill for privacy for the residents of Illinois, what was not revealed to the residents was that Google sister company Sidewalk Labs was starting negotiations to sell individual’s geolocation data and the personal characteristics of their households.


Sole Source documents from the department of Transportation show that the state paid $3.6 billion, which was later reduced to $3.6 million for access to the data of individual’s.   Other companies Terralytics,

The sole source justification contract Sidewalk Labs is claiming they can deliver Individual travellers data with household characteristics.

Accordingly it is sole source because the competitors AirSage, StreetLight and Teralytics provide aggregated data and not Individuals data.

What happens when Google Users find out that their Individual household characteristics will be sold to the Government of Illinois and other cities and states .

The source of data is “Real people, Real Data” Google users Geolocation Data, which according to the terms and conditions for Google services, they do not share with anyone and do not sell to anyone.

Shortcomings of “Differential Privacy”

Robust De-anonymizing of large sparse Datasets – Study by University of Texas – Re: Netflix differential privacy FAIL

It is a sole source contract because no other vendor will provide characteristics of individuals travellers and the travellers household characteristics.Other vendors provide aggregated data.

These firms also offer mobile phone location data that are used to develop trip origins and destinations by time of day.The purpose of each trip is generally imputed from the location data – places frequently visited and the arrival time and duration of the stay at the locations.The general benefits of these datasets are that they cover a large geographic area, they include many observations and they have a much quicker turnaround time than collecting household travel survey. The main drawback of these datasetsis that all data are aggregated so that the characteristics of individual travellers are not known. Additionally, household surveys are generally conducted once a decade or so in the Chicago region.This data is collected and provided through Sidewalk Labs is updated quarterly; meaning that analysis will be better refined and allow the department to take seasonal weather patterns into consideration when looking at existing facilities.