Ann Cavoukian didn’t have to resign from Sidewalk Labs project, months ago Waterfront Toronto and other privacy experts presented what privacy experts in the industry have been saying since Dan Doctoroff announced on November 1st 2017 that Sidewalk Labs was going to use “Privacy by Design” as the foundation for the city of the future.

Problem is that “Privacy by Design” does not meet the minimum legislative requirements and that comes from the board minutes from Waterfront Toronto as far back as March 2018.


So last week at the Digital Strategy Board meeting when Sidewalk labs produced the document that they were supposed to give a week’s notice and only provided 72 hours notice.   Privacy Experts like myself were surprised to see Sidewalk Labs submitting that they would be using “Privacy by Design”  of course Ann Cavoukian is resigning, she well knows having Waterfront Toronto outline that her concept of privacy is not “sufficient to ensure legal compliance with relevant legislation” Waterfront Toronto.


While the board asked questions about the document, they failed to ask one of the key questions why Sidewalk Labs would even try to get past a panel of experts “Privacy by Design” when Waterfront Toronto rejected it 6 months ago.



Having submitted a brief to the Ethics Committee in March 2018 pointing out 21 other glaring privacy and security breaches by Google, it begs the question is this why the document was submitted so late.



Perhaps when Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff will open the dialogue with privacy experts who discover the breaches and problems with privacy will the resignations end.